Flight control expert interpretation of Temple II monitoring and control characteristics difficult

The task of monitoring and control communication system is facing more difficulties and challenges
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 15 (Tian Zhaoyun, Cai Linlin, Qi Dengfeng) With the birth of Temple II, monitoring and control communications commander commander, deputy director of Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center in an interview with Xinhua reporter said, And the Temple on the 1st with Shenzhou 9, Shenzhou 10 rendezvous docking task compared to the task of monitoring and control communication system is facing more difficulties and challenges. "This task has a longer mission cycle, on-orbit test more, more demanding technical requirements." Li Jian said, especially in the key flight control technology, facing five new challenges. Long - term orbit determination accuracy is high. Tianyou II rendezvous and docking track is tens of kilometers higher than the Temple One, which needs to be tracked for more than 20 days before the launch of the spacecraft, taking into account the phase modulation, round and orbit height control, and put forward new requirements for the accuracy of long-term orbit prediction The - Complex design and verification of docking track remote control strategy. In order to meet the control requirements of the target aircraft in the space station rendezvous and docking task, the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft must have the ability to meet and match within a certain range of the initial phase difference and the orbit height. Beijing flight control center need to redesign the remote control strategy, and the emergency control strategy to adjust accordingly. - Short arc rapid measurement of track accuracy requirements. Shenzhou eleven long-distance guidance of the fifth control and autonomous guide section of the first pulse control time interval is only 2 laps, orbit time is only 1 lap, the short arc orbit accuracy of the proposed higher requirements. - Fast track control before returning high requirements. In order to verify the spacecraft's rapid orbit control capability, the orbit of the spacecraft is maintained in a control mode with two turns in a circle. - companion flying over observation and resident track control complex. In the operation phase of the assembly, the center should control the companion star to achieve the flight observation combination and so on. At the same time, it is necessary to realize the control of the complex type such as the capture point of the station, the retention point, the residence point transfer and so on. Li Jian said that the task also faces many potential risks: astronauts in orbit for more than 30 days, requiring ground flight control personnel for a long time, flight control software and hardware system, high-intensity uninterrupted work, ground monitoring and control network tracking , The stability and reliability of the measurement and control system, as well as all kinds of emergency situations under the system comprehensive support capacity to higher requirements; spacecraft sun sail board arbitrary offset tracking solar function verification, man-machine coordination in rail maintenance, companion release and flying Detection and other new on-orbit test on the track control accuracy, coordination between systems, ground monitoring and judgment requirements are high. "Although the challenge is big, the risk is much, but we improve the plan from the key to the key technology research, from the organization of joint training to strengthen the job training, are ready." Li said. (Finish)

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